Sylas Dall large-scale creative project They Reach

Filmmaker Sylas Dall on producing a large-scale, creative project and jumping before you’re ready

Filmmaker Sylas Dall talks about creating his first feature film They Reach and how to spearhead a large-scale creative project.

Making Space for Art At-Home

Making Space for Art At-Home: How 10 Artists are Adjusting to Life Under Covid-19

10 artists of various mediums and backgrounds talk about how they’ve continued to create under stay-at-home orders and what they predict the future of their industries will look post-pandemic.

Black Lives Matter Protests in LA

My Plan for Sustained Activism as an Artist and Resources I’ve Found Helpful

How can we as artists sustain activism for the long haul? Here’s my personal plan and resources I’ve found valuable.

Building Responsive Communities with Miss Marquez

Building Responsive Arts Communities in Times of Crises with Burlesque Powerhouse Miss Marquez

Responding to the current moment through stronger bonds and community building.

how to ask for and receive feedback

Asking for Help: How to Ask for and Receive Feedback

How to best ask for and receive feedback and ensure the feedback you get best supports the progress of your work.

creating during covid-19 call for response

Creating During Covid-19 – Call for Response Submissions

Share your experience creating during this pandemic as well as images of and links to your work! Link to Google Doc inside.

Multi-passionate artist Katie Malia

The Secret to Success as a Multi-Passionate Artist? This Multi-Hyphenate Says, “Plug into Your Heart-Source”

Multi-passionate artist Katie Malia sheds some light on cutting through the noise and trusting your creative instincts.

how to give constructive feedback

The 4 Steps to Giving Better, More Constructive Feedback

How to give constructive feedback is something we don’t learn in school, but every artist will be in the position of providing feedback to their peers at some point in their career.

Andrew Pearson and Personal Stories

Is Your Story Worth Telling?

Why your story needs to be told and how to tell it so that it resonates with an audience.

producing a virtual show

The Top 3 Lessons I Learned from Producing my First Virtual Show

The top 3 lessons I learned from putting on my first virtual show. Embrace the platform, engage the audience, and throw a cast party.